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How to find clients using Social Media and new technologies [May 26,2017] 2017-06-01 10:14:55

How to find clients using Social Media and new technologies [May 26,2017] 

May 26, We have the honor to attend the focus business school with China manufacturing network ( jointly organized training of foreign trade. Follow from Canada's Jam lecturer to learn how to use new social media and Internet marketing methods to find potential customers.

In the whole training process, Jam lecturer on how to in the process of foreign trade business, effective use of social media platform for customers; Effectively communicate with customers to get orders; Through the practice case of oneself, deep into shallow to give answer to everybody. Jam lecturer humor and the interpretation of the scene laughter, and sometimes make everyone burst into thunderous applause.

After the training, some representative of participating enterprises also according to their own enterprises face to the practical problems in the foreign trade business and Jam lecturer had in-depth exchanges. All the delegates said that the training of the foreign trade has benefited greatly and has been very important to the future foreign trade.